July 25, 2024

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Boat Tragedy: At least 29 Drown In Kano State

At least 29 people, including schoolchildren, have died in northern Nigeria after a boat capsized in a river in Nigeria’s northern Kano state.

Most of the victims were Islamic school pupils aged between six and 12 who were travelling to a religious event. Police say seven survivors have been taken to a hospital as search and rescue operations continue.

The cause of the capsize is unclear, but previous accidents have been blamed on overloading and poor maintenance.

There is also a lack of proper regulations to ensure the safety of passengers.The vessel was carrying more than 50 people from the village of Badau to the town of Bagwai when it capsized. Just two weeks ago, at least seven girls drowned when a boat overturned in neighbouring Jigawa State, while in May more than 100 people died in Kebbi State in a similar accident.