December 4, 2023

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Nnamdi Kanu: Orji Kalu Slammed For ‘Uncomplimentary’ Remarks

A former governor of Abia state, Orji Uzor-Kalu is having a hard time with family members of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, over an uncomplimentary remark he made. Kanu’s younger brother, Prince Emmanuel, who spoke on the behalf of the Kanu’s family demanded an explanation from Senator Uzor-Kalu over his remarks that the IPOB leader’s followers are “insane” population of individuals.

It was reported that the lawmaker after his visit to Kanu at the headquarters of the State Security Services (SSS) said that the IPOB leader has an “insane amount of people rooting for his release”. Uzor-Kalu had also said he advised the IPOB leader to consider the consequences of his actions especially as it affects the majority of the people in the southeast.

However, in a swift reaction, Prince said the remarks by Kalu is disappointing not just to him but many other Igbos in the southeast region and beyond. He also accused the lawmaker of unnecessary advertisement of his visit to his brother, Kanu “probably for political gains”. Describing Uzor-Kalu’s comment as confusing, incoherent, disparaging and uncomplimentary, Prince said it is obvious that the lawmaker is working against his own people. He said: “His only crime, if at all it’s a crime, is asking for the freedom of the oppressed people of Biafra.” In his opinion, Prince said that leaders like Uzor-Kalu are the reason for the growing self-determination and agitation for Biafra is unending in the southeast.

Recalling some of the roles played by the lawmaker in 2017 during the first incarceration of the IPOB leader, Prince said Uzor-Kalu’s utterances show that he clearly has no solution to the travails of the Igbo people. He said: “By his utterances, it is clear that he is no solution but part of the problems of our people. He shouldn’t forget that history will judge him for all his actions and inactions. In case Sen. Kalu doesn’t know, real Igbo leaders are working behind the scene to bring about a solution to the problem of our people. They don’t make noise over it”.

The younger brother to the IPOB leader further advised the lawmaker to retrace his steps in matters concerning Ndigbo while minding his utterance.Meanwhile, it is reported that Uzor-Kalu visited the IPOB leaders at the headquarters of the SSS in Abuja. Uzor-Kalu said he had a discussion with the separatist leader who is in good health.