May 27, 2024

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Ndubuisi Kanu: Family At War Over Inheritance

The family of former military administrator of Lagos and Imo State, the Late Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu  are now at each other’s throat over who has right to inherit properties left behind by the former military administrator.

Mrs Josephine Ndubuisi-Kanu, one of the wives of the former MILAD has asked an Ikeja High Court to be recognise her children as  heirs to the estate of the deceased. Counsel to Josephine, Mr Ben Ediowere, via an application asked that all the records of the court reflect that Josephine was a wife to Kanu.

“She also has two children from the union who are entitled to the estate,” he said. Responding, Justice Christopher Balogun asked if Josephine and her late husband were married under the Matrimonial Causes Act (MCA). Ediowere responded in the negative.

The judge noted that the Act only recognises one wife but under the law, the children of the union are entitled to the estate. The lawyer also informed the court that that the other wife of the deceased, Mrs Gladys Kanu, had filed another suit in Abia over the estate.

“This court has no jurisdiction over landed property in Abia State,” the judge responded. The counsel to Gladys,  Mr John Duru said that he had filed a writ on behalf of his client asking the Nigerian Navy to pay all what the deceased was entitled to as a high ranking officer.

Earlier during proceedings, Balogun had expressed surprise that the family were filing various applications through their counsel  which will kick start a squabble over the estate.

Speaking he said “After sorting out the issues with the burial of the former Governor of Lagos, I was expecting that on subsequent court dates you will be filing terms of settlement.

“However, I am not ordering that you should go for settlement, it is only an advice. If you cannot settle, we will have to proceed to trial. The case was adjourned until Jan. 31, 2022 for mention.