May 20, 2024

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Road Crashes: How 14,773 Nigerians Died From January 2019 To December 2021

Data released by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) indicates that persons numbering 106,256 were involved in road traffic crashes between January 2019 and December 2021 in Nigeria. Aside from the deaths, 91,483 persons sustained varying degrees of injury in the crashes recorded. The data shows that 2021 has the highest cases of road traffic crashes, compared with previous years, with 10,637 accidents involving 35,791 people recorded. Of this number, 5,101 people were killed while 30,690 people were rescued with different degrees of injuries.

Ogun State

According to the statistics, Ogun state has the most dangerous roads in the country as the state recorded the highest road traffic crashes with 1,026 cases in 2021.

Bayelsa State

The data also shows that Bayelsa state has the safest roads as it recorded the lowest number of road traffic crashes with 40 cases.

2020 Data

From the report, 10,522 road traffic crashes were recorded between January and December, last year.The breakdown of the data shows that 4,794 persons died while 28, 449 others were injured; as the previous year, 2019, was no better though it had the fewest number of road traffic cases in three years with 9,957 cases.

While making a comparison from the data, it was gathered that more people died in 2019 (4,878) compared with 2020. Also, the data shows that 32,344 were also injured from road traffic crashes in 2019. The Public Education Officer of the FRSC, Bisi Kazeem, attributed road crashes to several factors including speeding, route violation, mechanical defect, drunk driving and dangerous driving.

He disclosed that the corps is broadening the scope of sensitisation to change bad driving behaviours, and in achieving this, it has introduced result-oriented policies, particularly those that will eliminate speed-related crashes since it has been the major cause of crashes at the moment.