April 18, 2024

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Cross-Carpeting Is Normal In A Democracy

Ben Ngwakwe

Since  1999 when the current democratic dispensation was ushered in the country, there is no living or dead politician(s) whether career politician, a part- time politician or , card carrying member of any major political parties then  such as the former ANPP, AC, PDP who have not decamped or cross-carpeted for  one reason or the other. 

In our society, where political ideology and philosophy are mere guess-work, politicians ditch parties at will because of sundry political ideologies or even lack of political favoritism or issue of “stomach infrastructure”.

Other reasons why politicians dump their former political parties could be lack of political patronage, issues of political god-fatherism or lack of political appointments.

Also, issues of not awarding them choice contracts and other factors also contribute to mass defection to other political parties. These ugly trends, no doubt are some reasons why politicians resign from their parties and join another party.

This development in our political space made it that politicians, often times, do not have political enemies but  political interest hence their daily permutations are how to win the next elections without considering the performance and democratic dividends to the people that elected them.

In Gombe State recently, the same lies and propaganda played out leading to some misinterpretations, falsehood and baseless narrations by political pundits which are not on ground where majority of people who benefits from the visionary leadership of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya reside.

For instance, a   former APC Chieftain in the state, Alhaji Jamilu Isiyaku Gwamna resigned his membership of the party and returned to his former party, PDP because he is nursing governorship ambition in the 2023, knowing full well that the state leader of APC, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya naturally would love to consolidate on the gains made in the first tenure of four years for another four years.

Within a week  others political appointees resigned such as Special Adviser on Social Investment, Mrs Dijatu Bappa, Special Adviser on Inter- Governmental Relations and who was also one- time Commissioner of Information, Alhaji Garba Jijji Gadam.

 Also, Malam Hamza Adamu Soye, former Chairman of Gombe Sports Commission and Hon. Rambi Ayala representing Billiri East at the Gombe State House of Assembly resigned on 21st February, 2022 and also chairman House Committee on Justice and Security even as others left the ruling party and joined PDP.

We know why the former Commissioners, Dr Ahmed Gana and others resigned their portfolios in the State Executive Council in the aftermath of Billiri crisis.

Nobody is against the defectors because it is their constitutional rights in a democracy.  But as “a matter of fact, as true democrats, we have to acknowledge the constitutional rights of these defectors to associate with any party or political organisation of their choice in tandem with the ideals and principles of democracy”. 

“It is possible to use morals, principles, antecedents, history of political defeats and inconsistency to weigh any defection”. “For instance, defection can be undertaken due to lack of ideology, political interest, pursuit of political ambition, poor performance”.

“However, it is worth noting that among those who have defected from the ruling APC in Gombe State, no one has cited poor performance of the present administration as reason”.

The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof.Yemi Osibanjo had personally commended the governor’s passion and drive for human capital development initiatives which he acknowledged as the factor making economic progress clearly visible in Gombe State.

Osinbajo added that, “Inuwa Yahaya came into office well versed in ideas and vision; it is these ideals that are being translated into economic policies and administrative initiatives which are yielding results for all to see”.

Again, the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele also described Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya as a visionary leader who will in no time drive economic values to the state while observing that the visions and policies so far espoused by the administration are a clear attestation of a man with a blueprint of his destination even before the journey commenced.

The commendations truly remain incontestable that these two distinguished Nigerians and numerous others have publicly commended the leadership of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya. The  public  should know  that the defections from the ruling party have no bearing with the welfare of the people other than political indulgence and ambitions of few who do not mean well for the people of ‘Jewel in the Savannah’. 

“With this understanding, therefore, such action, irrespective of the lowly nature, should not give any misleading impression other than the usual politicking and attendant propaganda even in an uncharted territory as history informs us”. 

 “Thus, the recent development as it was in the past can best be described as a case of desperation for power, where direction in politics is determined and driven by ambition to lead at all cost just to assuage one’s thirst for power or satisfy personal ego. This is the truth otherwise no sane member of the ruling APC in Gombe State would think of leaving the party on account of the tremendous transformations that have taken place under the leadership of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya”.

 Incidentally, what we are saying is about those who left the ruling APC in the state while thousands of PDP are also joining APC on account of credible performance and achievements of infrastructural developments in the state.  With this development, nobody can ignore the enduring legacies of the governor.

Notably, Architect Habu Mohammed Shinga, Barrister Ya’u Kwadon and Hajiya Hadiza Kwali with thousands of supporters recently defected to APC, which is a big blow to the opposition. This has sent shockwaves vis-a-vis the dynamics shaping political calculations in the state left the party. These people are great grassroots politicians with strong support and influence. 

We  may recall  that Habu Shinga was a former Head of Housing and Acting Director, Housing in old Bauchi State, Special Assistant during Goje regime, former Caretaker Chairman Yamaltu- Deba LGA (three times), full time member 1 SUBEB (three times), Talba Campaign Co-ordinator, Yamaltu-Deba LGA 2015 and former contestant, State House of Assembly under PDP respectively.

One of the defectors recently to APC is Barrister Ya’u Kwadon who was Ag. Deputy National Legal Adviser, former member, PDP Interim NWC, former House of Representatives contestant under PDP and many more.  Also, Hajiya Zainab Zakari Kwali, was a former Councillor, Former National Women Leader (PDM), National Women Leader, Women for Jonathan and a former board member.

Political pundits noted that Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has done tremendously well within the period under review but pointed out that despite this, political appointees were not helping matter as he was surrounded with “unserious politicians “even as they noted that the defection is meaningless and would not influence the 2023 elections in the state.