July 14, 2024

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2023: Finally, Atiku Declares Presidential Ambition

Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s former vice president, says his passion for the country’s progress is what is driving his quest for the presidency in 2023. In a meeting with the PDP’s House of Representatives Minority Caucus in Abuja, Atiku officially declared interest in the presidency as he sought the lawmakers’ support.The Adamawa-born politician said he has the mental and physical energy to serve the opposition party and Nigerians as president. Speaking further, Atiku said he will work in harmony with the National Assembly and protect constitutional independence and freedom if he becomes president.

“Most of the changes we want to bring require constitutional adjustment and that can not happen without cooperation with the national assembly,” the former vice president said. “I want to ensure a smooth and careful legislative process. I will give my best and work with politicians and great resource people in our party, I have the mental and physical energy to serve our party to the fullest. “Above all, it is my passion for the progress of this country that drives my quest for the Presidency of this country.”

Meanwhile, Atiku who was the PDP’s presidential candidate in 2019 said he has experience at the highest and lowest levels. As vice president, he said he ensured many progressive and national transformations and constitutional law. As a businessman, Atiku said he has solved grassroots problems and provided jobs for thousands of people.

He added that he is designing a policy document that will guide effectively in the implementation of his solution if he becomes president. Atiku noted that he recognised the influence of the lawmakers and that was he chose them as the first set of people to meet to declare his intention.