July 25, 2024

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Apple, Others Stop Sale Of iPhone, iMac, Dell, Others In Russia

As pressure keeps mounting on Kremlin to stop the war in Ukraine, many companies are deserting the Russian markets in droves. The latest is tech giant, Apple which has stopped selling all its products in Russia. The firm announced the decision after Russia began its invasion in Ukraine. Apple does not have a physical presence in Russia but sells its products online through storefronts. All storefronts selling Apple products in Russia are listed as unavailable. Also, Apple said it has removed Russian state-controlled outlets, RT News and Sputnik News from its App Store from across the globe except in Russia. Dell mentioned last week that it has quit selling its products in Ukraine and Russia while Nike said it has also halted product sales in Russia, messages posted on the website of the companies said. Ford also joined suit and suspended its joint venture operations in Russia.

Experts said Apple’s intention to halt product sales in Russia has put other smartphone makers on a tight sport. According to Ben Wood, CCS Insight Chief Analyst said the decision by Apple puts pressure on companies like Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. As Western countries withdraw support and isolate Russia, there may be an opportunity for Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi to go more in-depth into the country.