April 18, 2024

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Ukraine: FG Speaks On Students Who Refused To Board Flight

The federal government of Nigeria has stated that Nigerian students who declined to board rescue plane back to the country are on their own. At least 415 Nigerian students who boarded the rescue plane from Poland arrived in Nigeria on Friday, March 4. The Nigerian Ambassador to Poland, Christian Ugwu, who disclose the latest development, said Nigerian students who were able to leave Ukraine and make it to Poland are eligible for a two weeks visa. Ugwu while speaking with reporters in Poland noted that parents should deem it necessary to persuade their children pending when the war is over. He insisted that it is for the benefit and safety of these students to return back to Nigeria where their safety can be assured.

He said: “Remaining in Poland will be a difficult thing for them because we know what is obtainable in this place. “So please, they should tell their children to come home, seeing that the federal government has made available flights for them to come home.”

The Ambassador went further to note that staying in Poland beyond the allotted 15days visa permit will amount to a breach of Polish law. He sounded a note of warning that the Polish government is very strict with their laws and anyone who acts otherwise is tantamount to facing the wrath of the law. The Nigerian envoy to Poland while making reference to the attitude of the Polish people to blacks said the federal government has made all necessary provisions to cater for every Nigerian involved in the crisis.

“I know you people must have been involved in a very serious problem while running for your dear lives. “I’m here to assure every one of you that Nigeria is for you, we have made provisions that nothing should happen to you”, he said.