May 27, 2024

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Police Chief,Joseph Egbunike Investigating Abba Kyari Slumps,Dies

Joseph Egbunike, deputy inspector general and the head of the Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID), is dead. Reports state that Egbunike collapsed inside his office in Abuja in the late hours of Tuesday, March 8. Until his death, Egbunike was in charge of the highest investigating arm of the Nigeria Police. The late Egbunike investigated suspended police chief, Abba Kyari. This investigation however did not lead to any indictment. Egbunike who hails from Onitsha, Anambra state graduated from the University of Nsukka with BSc in Accounting. He also had a Bachelor of Law, a master’s in International Relations and a PhD in Criminology. Unconfirmed reports said that DIG Egbunike was feeling uncomfortable during the weekend and on Tuesday went to see the doctor for a medical check-up after which he was given drugs and told to go.