December 6, 2023

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You Are A Serial Betrayer-Wike Tells Obaseki

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has attacked his Edo State counterpart, Godwin Obaseki, describing him as a serial betrayer and ungrateful person. Wike rubbished Obaseki’s earlier diatribe against him, adding that the former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has been vindicated. Wike spoke during the inauguration of an expanded community Secondary School project in Omuanwa in Ikwere local government area of the state on Monday, March 14. Wike apologised to Oshiomhole for ignoring his warnings about Obaseki, saying everything former governor of Edo state said about the character of his successor has come to pass.

His said:“If you ask anybody or check the DNA of Godwin Obaseki, what you will see in that DNA is serial betrayal and ungratefulness. “Let me stand today to apologise to Adams Oshiomole, who had been vindicated by telling us that we would see the true colour, the insincerity and the ungratefulness of governor Obaseki. Earlier, Wike had accused the deputy governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu of threatening the PDP after the party saved him and his boss, Obaseki, in 2019. Responding, Obaseki said his deputy didn’t threaten the PDP and went on to make a similar allegation against Governor Wike. However, the Rivers state governor has faulted Obaseki’s claims that he threatened the party to hold its last National Convention in Port Harcourt. He explained that his position on the venue of the convention was based on PDP’s earlier decision about Port Harcourt. Wike added that even if he threatened the PDP, he has invested enough in the opposition.

His words: “But assuming though not conceding that I threatened the party, I have invested in the party, Rivers has invested in the party, we have voted for PDP since 1999 till now. Ask Obaseki whether he has done anything for PDP. Has he voted for PDP? “The only election that he voted was his own when we gave him an umbrella. I have more stakes in PDP. Obaseki has never supported PDP. It was when his godfather chased you away and you came begging, kneeling down. People came with pressure. Ordinarily, you are a tenant. “If I threaten the party I am a full and financial member of the party. But you that are a tenant, how can you threaten our party? You were a governor in APC and the PDP won two senatorial districts. PDP won four House of Representatives. I am a governor here, APC does not have one seat”.

Governor Wike also blasted Obaseki for calling him a bully, adding that the Edo governor’s utterances were beyond politics. According to him, politics would only make people know the character of an individual. He spoke further: “You came to beg a bully for you to have a ticket. A bully was your DG Campaign and a bully bullied you into Government House. What a shame. You came back with your wife to thank the bully saying that after God, the bully made it possible for you to be there”.

“Satan has agents. Most of the people you see are agents of Satan. I am not in the class of Obaseki. We can’t be the same. I was the DG of his campaign. I went there for three days and stayed there without having my bath. We bought even the drinks we drank there. It was Lucky Igbinedon that fed us. I have never seen somebody like Obaseki in my life.”

Speaking further, Governor Wike said he would never support the injustice and impunity that Obaseki planned for PDP vowing to smoke out the Edo Governor’s cohorts in the party.

He said: “This is not the Benin artifacts where you are challenging the Oba, which you lost woefully. This is politics. Obaseki, I have more stakes in PDP than you. All the elections we had run he made no contribution. If you ask him he would say he didn’t know. “A party had done congresses, formed structures, you came and we told the party’s structure to support you and they did. The Zonal Chairman, Chief Dan Orbih was campaign manager under the COVID. COVID affected him and we had to take him out. People should not be ungrateful in life.”