July 14, 2024

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You’ve Totally Destroyed Nigeria, Kukah Tells Buhari

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Kukah, on Sunday said President Buhari has destroyed every aspect of life in Nigeria but has allowed corruption to thrive and grow. In an Easter message to his congregation in Sokoto, Bishop said ‘With everything literally broken down, our country has become one big emergency national hospital with full occupancy.’ According to him, the whole country is in disarray and this is evident in every sector.

“Our individual hearts are broken. Our family dreams are broken. Homes are broken. Churches, Mosques, infrastructure are broken. Our educational system is broken. Our children’s lives and future are broken. Our politics is broken. Our economy is broken. Our energy system is broken. Our security system is broken. Our roads and rails are broken. Only corruption is alive and well.”

Mr. Kukah is known for his courage in speaking the truth to power. His message this year appears to be stronger with the cleric saying, “Nigerians can no longer recognise their country which has been battered and buffeted by men and women from the dark womb of time.”

The cleric urged Nigerians to embrace restructuring and work in unity so as to forge a formidable bond in 2023 that would take the country to its greater heights.

“The greatest challenge now is how to begin a process of reconstructing our nation hoping that we can hang on and survive the 2023 elections. “The real challenge before us now is to look beyond politics and face the challenge of forming character and faith in our country.” Kukah called on all religious leaders in Nigeria to urgently come to the country’s rescue.

Kukah had earlier raised concerns about the refusal of the President Buhari-led administration to release names of sponsors of Boko Haram terrorists. The Sokoto bishop said the administration is not sincere in dealing with terrorists killing Nigerians. He declared that Nigeria is a broken country that’s decomposing from within, adding that people cannot go on like this.