April 18, 2024

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2023: I Will Scrap Tinubu’s Alpha Beta-Leader,AMCO

The chairman of the Ambode Campaign Organisation (AMCO), Olawale Oluwo has vowed that the group will facilitate the moves to scrap tax consultancy firm, Alpha Beta. Oluwa made this known in an interview. It will be recalled that in December 2018 under the administration of the then Lagos state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, Oluwo resigned his position as the commissioner for energy and mineral resources in Lagos state.When asked why he resigned at the time, he stated that it was a show of protest on his part as he did not like the fact that his boss will be denied a second term in office by the APC Governors’ Advisory Council (GAC). He said: “I don’t like it when people play god with the transient power that ordinarily belongs to God and the people.”

Oluwo stated that he tendered two letters of when he vacated his position as a commissioner one which carried details of his resignation from his position and the other which contained his resignation from the ruling party APC. When asked about the role of the Governors’ Advisory Council (GAC) in the selection of the party’s candidate, Oluwa stated that GAC has no constitutional right to nominate a candidate.

He added that the existence of GAC as the apex body assigned to anoint a candidate of the state is alien to the party’s constitution. Oluwo also stated that any candidate who emerged from the selection of GAC is not the party’s candidate.

He said: “I want Lagosians to know that the incumbent Governor that has been endorsed by the GAC is the candidate of the GAC and not the candidate of the party. “The AMCO Group will announce its own candidate and the candidate of the two groups will contest the governorship primary election in Lagos State.”