December 8, 2023

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A Jealous Family Member Poisoned Me-Mr Ibu

It is no longer news that veteran actor, John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, recently recovered after a long battle with an ailment after he was poisoned. The comic actor has now shared his testimony after recounting how he and his elder brother were poisoned by a family member. In a video making the rounds online, Mr Ibu, his brother, his wife and a friend, were all seen on the altar in church as the actor shared his story.

According to Ibu, a boy who happened to be his family member poisoned him and his elder brother because he wasn’t pleased with his success. The film star noted that since God started blessing him enough to start buying cars and building houses, the boy was not happy and decided to eliminate him but God did not make it possible.

In his words: “The same boy poisoned my elder brother. We are the same family but since God started helping me, I started buying things, buy motors, dashing people, build house, he wasn’t happy. He was really looking for means to eliminate me but God said no.”

The comic actor also noted that life is sweet and losing one’s life is not hard at all because he already started seeing himself stepping to the other side during his ailment. Ibu however explained that only his wife’s tears also made him start crying and God heard him.As Ibu shared his sad story, the people in the congregation could not hold their laughter over how the comic actor recounted his experience.