December 4, 2023

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Okada: Lagos Blames Ghana,Togo For Influx Of Motorcycles

The Lagos state government State Environmental and Special Offences Enforcement Unit, (Task Force) said it destroyed no fewer than 11,820 motorcycles in 2021. According to the Guardian newspaper, the chairman of the task force, CSP Shola Jejeloye said the unit will not relent in its quest to eliminate unruly commercial motorbikes in the state. Jejeloye however revealed that despite a series of arrests and seizures of commercial motorbikes, there has been a rapid increase in commercial motorbikes in the state.

He said: “For instance, if we arrest 50 today, you will see more than 150 motorcycles on the same spot when we return after two weeks. The agency is working, but these guys seem to have more money to buy new ones.” Meanwhile, as gathered by, the agency stated that the crushing of seized motorbikes will continue until there is a total elimination. The agency’s spokesperson, Gbadeyan Abdulraheem disclosed neighboring countries are to be blamed for the influx of motorbikes in the state. He however promised that the operation of commercial motorbikes in the state will be a thing of the past in due time.

He said: “When you look at Africa as a whole, especially the West African sub-region, you hardly see any country not plagued by unrest, so, they have found a comfort zone, which is Lagos. “As we crushed, we experienced an influx of more, even from other countries like Ghana, Togo, Mali, Chad and Benin Republic. Their belief is that once they get to Lagos, they will see someone to buy a motorcycle for them and they can make N5, 000 per day. N5, 000 is a big money in their countries, by the time they convert our money to their currency, they will become millionaires within six months.”

While making reference to the Okada ban in Kano state, he stated that most of the commercial motorbikes trooped into Lagos state. He stated that the unit usually impounds over 500 motorcycles daily but still finds it difficult to get a total clear out.

He said: “These guys know every nook and cranny of Lagos, so it has a serious security implication; a total ban is the best for us.”