April 13, 2024

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2023: DSS Reveals Major Threat To General Election

The Department of State Services (DSS), has revealed that the spread of fake news and hate speeches might pose a major hindrance to the success of the 2023 general election. The DSS however warned Nigerians to neglect any form or fragment of spreading fake news or engaging in hate comments.

Speaking at a press briefing about the situation, DSS spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, stated that the dissemination of fake news has over time triggered violence across the federation. Afunanya, stressed that the fake news has the potential to cause colossal damage to the peace and unity of Nigeria.He said: “Social media and fake news are biggest threat to human existence not only to elections. Fake news is major cause of violence in our society now. As journalists, you should always fact check information before publishing.”

He, however, urged the media to adopt the best practice of fact-checking and verifying their news source before disseminating it.

Afunanya said: “We are into elections and political programmes have started. What the media and every stakeholder must do is ensure that the game is played according to rules. Nigerians must avoid any act that promotes hate and disintegration and say no to separatist movement, terrorism, fake news, hate speech, religious bigotry and any act that tends to divide us as a nation.

“We must understand that Nigeria is the only country we have and every one must put hands on deck to ensure that there is peace. The media should should be up and doing in ensuring the peace is restored in the country. “Slanting news to achieve ulterior motives should be avoided and I want to assure that the DSS won’t abdicate its responsibilities and would continue to do the right thing no matter whose ox is gored.”