April 24, 2024

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CAN Moves Against Ondo Pastor For Kidnapping 77 Persons

Josiah Asumosa, the assistant pastor of the World Bible Believers’ Church, Ondo west local government area has been disowned by the Christain Association of Nigeria after 77 people were found held hostage on his premises. The president of CAN, Reverend Samson Ayokunle in a statement released on Tuesday, July 5, said that Asumosa and his church are not members of CAN at both the national and state levels.

The statement which was signed by Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, the CAN president’s special assistant on media and communication warned that no true pastor or man guided by God would camp his church members on the church premises while misleading them into believing that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near. Calling on the Nigeria police to thoroughly investigate the said pastor, his activities and that of his cohorts CAN also warned that no true pastor would claim to know the date of the rapture.

The statement read in parts: “Whoever claims to know the date is not only misleading the public but cannot claim to be a genuine Servant of God. He is at best, an agent of Satan pretending to be a Pastor.

“CAN, therefore, commends the Police for their prompt actions which included rescuing over 70 victims from the Church premises. “They should further be subjected to medical checkups since nobody knows what they were going through where they were camped.” The Christain body further called on all dominations to keep an eye on the pastors under them towards ensuring wholesome biblical conduct while members of the public should always cross-check every teaching from the Bible before believing it.

Two pastors of the Whole Bible Believers Church, David Anifowose and Peter Josiah had been arrested for harbouring about 77 people. It was alleged that the pastors hypnotized them and camped them in an underground apartment within the church located in the Valentino area of Ondo town. The rescue of the victims and arrest of the “men of God” followed complaints by some parents of the children who had been camped in the church.