May 27, 2024

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From OBInomics To OBIsession OBImania And OBIphobia

Ik Muo, PhD.

Obinomics, as promoted through the compassionately told stories of how Obi managed Anambra State and lives his life,  and his RRTN grand vision (Rescue, Recover and Take-back Nigeria, has generated OBIsession (obsession with Obi) which has gone into OBImania (‘madness’ about Obi) and  finally,  OBIphobia, a pathological disdain for Obi and related matters. This OBIphobia is driven largely by fear of what OBIcracy portends for our distressed  and deliberately mismanaged country and its distraught citizens.  The OBIphobists  are also driven by compulsive envy because Obi is what they CANNOT be, including enjoying a genuine cult-like followership, as against the cash-and-carry ephemeral followership of our typical politicians.  One of them is the small god of Kaduna who prevented the Peter Obi Support Network from holding  their well-publicised Northern Summit scheduled for 19/7/22 at   Arewa house, which they had fully paid for (OBIstic Lawyers, arise!).  PO rejected the land allotted to him by Anambra State Government  in 2007 because ‘my being a governor is by the grace of God… because I wish to serve my people and to do that devotedly, I believe that I have to distance myself from undue privileges of that office’  He also eased out a relation, whom somehow found herself into the government, telling her that the Government was not Obi and Family United. However, El-Rufai covetously reallocated the Land seized from Government agencies like Nitel at Abuja and from civil servants in Kaduna to his wives and children, (including one that was allegedly just 8 years old) and 3 companies where he was a director: System Property Devt Co, Express Procurement Co and Puer Environmental Services.  And he bald-facedly defended it with his usual acerbic tongue. He also rail-loaded his son Bello  into the APC candidature for Kaduna North Federal Constituency. To achieve this he dislodged the incumbent, Smaila Suleiman, who, in the usual Nigerian way defected to PDP at the 11.59th  hour, where  in a wickedly monetised primary, he  dislodged Adam Sambo, who was set to win the ticket. So, Obi is everything that  the greedy and nepotist El-Rufai cannot be. In any case, here is my parting words to the Obiphobiacs: ‘No one stops the air from circulating, the light from illuminating, the ocean from flowing and the day from breaking’. Thus efforts at disparaging Obi, and these are not issue based, will come to naught!

Unfortunately for the agnostics, acute OBIphobia, has by default increased the tempo of OBIsession because a first-time visitor to Nigeria will think that Obi is a generic name for all Nigerians. This is owing to the fact that whether online or offline, the greatest trending term in Nigerian economy and politics  today is Obi.  All the arrows from all the political parties, their candidates,  their hangers on, some doubtful progressives like Reno and the liar-in-chief are directed at Obi. Even the grandpa who offers agbado and corn as different dishes, garnished with cassava, started talking of OBIchina! But despite being oppressed and afflicted, Obi like a lamb, opened not his mouth (Isaiah, 53:7) to return fire for fire. Of course, all OBIdients and other sane fellows realise that people only throw stones at fruitful trees; especially those with beautiful, tasty fruits. 

They are throwing stones  at you because you are of some value. You are a valuable target. Who would throw a stone at somebody who is NOT worth anything? Unknowingly, unconsciously, people know that your fruit is valuable. Over the years many of those who stoned us have turned around and are standing under the tree waiting for the fruit to fall into their mouth.( Sadhguru). But because someone is going to  throw stones at  us, should we then remain without fruits all  our lives? That would be a tragedy. Bearing fruits is more significant  than being stoned. Bearing fruits is what makes your life significant and worthwhile…. if you had no fruits, they would probably cut you down and made furniture out of you…  Surely, when people throw stones at you, it is because you are a good tree full of fruits. They see a lot of harvests from you. Do not go down to their level by throwing the stones back at them. Throw your fruits at them so that your seeds may inspire to change  their way( Happy Life ‘But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false or true motives,  Obi is being proclaimed( Phillipians,1.18). By castigating Obi, they promote Obi; they become OBIsessed  by default and because of this  the OBIdients rejoice!

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 I digressed.  The twin forces of OBIsession, and OBImania  are  the reasons why Sandra Priscila broke off with her boyfriend because he  was suffering from acute OBIphobia; why  a young Nigerian contracted a first-class barber to   OBIfy his head; why Engr Henry Mbachu of Anambra State Polytechnic   and an unknown Nigerian soldier resigned their appointments to join the OBIstic movement; why a young Nigerian conscripted his goat along into the OIP ( Obi is Possible) crew, why Abubakar from Gombe, Princess from Sabongida Ora Mathew Okpebholo from Edo State donated their houses for the POM( Peter Obi Movement), why Anas Ahidjo, Atiku’s kinsman is PROUDLY and BOLDLY OBIdient

They are the reasons why some young and not so young Nigerians, who have not seen Obi before are producing assorted OBIfied campaign materials and distributing  gratis to other Nigerians; why  Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere donated 300 branches of his church for PVC registration, why LPs Twitter handle nearly crashed as its subscribers increased  by 3000% (from 5000 to150000) within  a few weeks  and why the political quest of Obi has become a movement of the people as espoused by Bob Marley or  the irrepressible Fela.


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OBIsession is the force that revived the End-Sars spirit, woke our youths from their slumber and caused the unprecedented and at times impatient crowds that have overwhelmed INEC at PVC registration Centers, where some of them discovered their missing ribs.  These are angry young people who are fed up with the political establishment; a mob that  Toochukwu Okwuanya described as ‘both intelligent and stupid, resourceful and unimaginative, in control and unruly peaceful and belligerent, strategic and random, who know the endgame and are unrelenting’. That is why in JUST 3 weeks, as Emeka Ekwonna explained,  structureless campaign and online agitation made Obi the greatest trending issue in Nigeria, created confusion and uncertainty on status-quo syndromes, received more attackers than any Nigerian sitting government, not even GEJ, the most criticised resident in Nigerian history; top politicians lost numerous followers to Obi and peoples’ eyes became open. It is OBImania that made somebody to convert his instant cash payment system to Peter Obi Service( POS); why an OBIdient Nigerian Obified his child by naming him Peter and why one small buy declared that his future career aspiration is to be Peter Obi. That is why the internet has been broken and is on fire due to multiple and incomparable quotable quotes from Obi! That is why Nwike became OBIdient, when he declared that Nigeria’s interest is more supereme thanbut Nigerian future is more supreme while even Umahi, who had donated Ebonyi state to APC also repented and became (or pretended to be)OBIfied.

As a self-appointed consultant to PO, I will soon request for  awareness and  mobilisation fees from INEC, which has spent billions without attracting meaningful crowds at the registration centers The beauty of all these is that all these people, the young and the not so young, have not seen Obi before and may not meet him face-to-face but they still believe because of his verifiable records and antecedents: his primary, secondary, university and birth certificates, state of origin, wife and number of children, health status, capacity and competence and his prudence are all VERIFIED

OBImania has  led to the onslaught of a virus scientifically named OBIPO-23 and colloquially referred to as OBIvirus,  the first of its kind since the Adamic age and spreading  all over the country at an unprecedented speed; at a speed that is faster than that of Oga-Coro. Virologists report that youths are most susceptible to this virus and as such is very dangerous in Nigeria which is about 70% of the population is youths. Happily though, the fatality rate is zero and all its symptoms are good for Nigeria of today. The symptoms include unusual desire for good governance, sever thirst for economically advanced, safer and better Nigeria, loss of appetite for all forms of bribery including vote selling, acute ‘stinginess’( financial prudence), high intolerance for all forms of nepotism, and extraordinary compulsion to be PVCeed!  All the afflicted persons are however healthy in mind and body and are willing to campaign for a new Nigeria. A Doctor of Political Medicine with a minor in virology   confirmed to the Peoples Conscience Newspaper( 5/7/22) that there is no known cure, preventive measure or vaccine for OBIvirus and that it is chronic( the afflicted suffer it for life). This chronic property is the reason for the afflicted need  to change their names and lifestyles. That is why they are called the OBIdients.

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 It is OBIsession and OBImania that converted PO’s political quest into a movement; where the people follow an ideology (OBIcracy), do not depend on the promises of the follower but on his antecedents, are not induced by  material lucre; where the followers know that they are doing themselves a favour by voting for the leader and not the other way round! It turned most  OBIdients into Bible-devouring fellows, casting ,binding and  proclaiming their OBIvious beliefs with the Word! They have advised the OBIphobists  not to look at external appearances or circumstances (1 Sam,16:7) proclaimed that those who are willing and OBIdient will eat the best of the soil( Isaiah1:19), declared that OBIdience is better than sacrifice(1 Sam, 15:22), informed us that  we are moving from the current lean years to another 7 fat years under OBIcracy(Genesis,41), during which ‘God will remove the cloud of sorrow that has been hanging over the nation; wipe away all tears from all eyes and take away the disgrace that his people have suffered all over the world- Ghana, S/Africa, Libya, et al (Isaiah, 25:7-8)

They also declared that God has given the key of the  new Nigeria  to this Peter(Okwute);against which satanic forces shall NOT prevail  (Mathew,1618) and introduced Obi as  Moses the liberator and Joseph the visioner( dreamer and interpreter of dreams) and Nehemiah (the rebuilder  of broken economies). They also informed us that God has given Obi  a mandate: To break down and destroy( the existing degenerate order) and to build and plant (a new  prosperous, inclusive order)( Jeremiah,1:7), just like Nehemiah (the rebuilder of a broken nation)  and to PO himself they told:, Do not be afraid of them because I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall.. they will fight against you but will not overcome for I am with you( Jeremiah,1:18-19).

 The beauty of all this is that OBIsession and OBImania are just the purveyors of OBIcracy. We take it from there some other time.

Ik Muo, PhD. Department of Business Administration, OOU, Ago-Iwoye. 08033026624