May 20, 2024

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Why I Support Muslim-Muslim Ticket-Adams Oshiomhole

A two-time governor of Edo State and ex-president of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, has hit back at the critics of All Progressives Congress (APC)’s Muslim-Muslim tic Speaking, Oshiomhole said,that Uganda is doing better today because the country was able to do away with tribalism after the genocidal war. He said Uganda is doing better than Nigeria and attracting foreign investment and booming tourism because they were able to detail the economic and social consequences of tribalism.

The APC stalwart posited that the challenges facing Nigeria are not all about the number of churches or mosques the Muslim-Muslim ticket can build. He stressed that each time Nigeria is bogged down with the issue of religion and ethnicity, the country loses something else. Speaking on the critics of the ticket, the former chairman of the APC maintained that it required a man of courage to return Nigeria back to its glory days.

The former governor said he recently watched a current senator relating the Muslim-Muslim Ticket as inhumanity. He argued, “If he is a true believer in God, let him search his conscience to see the acts of inhumanity he has committed against his fellow beings.” According to Oshiomhole, a senator is a man who recently beat up a young girl at a sex toy shop and embarrassed his family and the national assembly.

According to the APC leader, if such happens in another “jurisdiction”, such senate would not remain in the senate after the scandal. “Again, I saw another guy who can’t deliver a unit in Rivers State speaking against the Muslim-Muslim ticket without offering insight into why he is against it,” the APC senatorial candidate added. Recall that Ishaku Abbo is a Nigerian senator who became popular after beating up a young girl at a sex toy shop in Abuja.