December 6, 2023

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Gaza:Israel-Hamas Cease Fire Will Never Bring Peace-Biden

A ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas will not bring peace, Joe Biden has said.

The US president said Hamas would merely exploit it to “rebuild their stockpile of rockets, reposition fighters and restart the killing by attacking innocents again”.

“As long as Hamas clings to its ideology of destruction, a ceasefire is not peace,” he wrote in an opinion article in the Washington Post.

Mr Biden said Hamas hid “among Palestinian civilians”, used “children and innocents as human shields” and positioned “terrorist tunnels beneath hospitals, schools, mosques and residential buildings”.

“If Hamas cared at all for Palestinian lives, it would release all the hostages, give up arms, and surrender the leaders and those responsible for October 7,” he said.

He proposed that a “revitalised” Palestinian Authority should govern Gaza and the West Bank after the war as one unit until a two-state solution can be definitively agreed.