April 24, 2024

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“Gumi’s Defence For Terrorists”: Tinubu Warned Of Sabotage

President Bola Tinubu has been cautioned to be wary of sabotage in his government and some Nigerians who may be out to ruin his administration with the insecurity in the country. Barrister Oladotun Hassan, a public affairs analyst, in an interview with Legit.ng, gave the advice to the president, citing the comment of the popular Kaduna-based controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi.

According to the legal luminary, Gumi’s comment on insecurity is sabotaging and could be interpreted in several dimensions of the country’s insecurity challenges.

Recall that the controversial cleric had criticised the federal government for its continued use of force or kinetic tactics to gain the release of abduction victims. Gumi suggested that the authorities approach the bandits and study them to improve their living conditions.

According to him, the government’s use of force has transformed the bandits into monsters.

Hassan said:

“You hear Gumi today, giving a ground standing that the attack we are witnessing is the tip of the eyeball. Is it that the terrorist herdsmen are the ones who camouflaged to run an attack in Delta? Are they the set of people attacking in Kaduna? What is really going on? Gumi needs to be arrested, questioned, and called to order. He cannot be a spokesman for a terrorist group in a democratic setting.

“It is as if we are stamping the crime, that once you go to crime like the Niger Delta boys did then, that they were sabotaging the economy, then amnesty is what the government must grant. Amnesty to endorse crime? That means we are in a Banana Republic, where laws are not meant to be obeyed.”