July 25, 2024

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Trump Brings Up Familiar Criticisms,Including ‘Witch Hunt’

Donald Trump spoke at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue after being found guilty in a New York trial Trump falsely repeats claims his prosecution is politically orchestrated and repeats claim trial was “rigged”The ex-president was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his historic trial on Thursday

The former president returned to his well-trodden refrain, calling the New York case politically motivated and a “witch hunt”.

He criticises the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Justice Juan Merchan – both frequent targets of the former president. We’ve heard much of this criticism from Trump before.

Trump says he’s not the only New Yorker whose business records could stir up legal trouble.

The former president says if he went through the business records of “anyone in this city” he could find things that prosecutors might not like.

“This is bigger than Trump, bigger than me, bigger than my presidency,” he says.

One of New York’s most famous businesspeople, Trump also must pay more than $350 million in a separate civil case brought by the state.

Trump says he would have liked to testify during his trial, though he did not take the stand.

“Now I would have testified, I wanted to testify,” he says, implying his lawyers encouraged him not to.

“As soon as you testify…. they’ll get you on something you said slightly wrong and then they’ll get you for perjury. But I didn’t care, I wanted to.”

“I would have loved to have testified, to this day i would have liked to have testified.”

Trump can still run for president. He could be sent to prison when he’s sentenced on 11 July – but legal experts say a fine is more likely.

In his remarks Trump claimed some of the witnesses on his side were “literally crucified”. The former president then goes on to reference a “certain witness” who went through “hell”. While he does not specify who he’s talking about, it’s likely lawyer Robert Costello, who was heavily reprimanded by Justice Juan Merchan for groaning when objections were sustained.

Trump’s defence team only called two witnesses – Costello and a paralegal.

Trump hits out at the “nasty” gag order imposed by Justice Juan Merchan, complaining of being “threatened with jail.”

“I’ve had to pay thousands of doallars in penalities and fines,” Trump says.

“I’m the leading person for president and I’m under gag order by a man that can’t put two sentences together,” he says, referencing Merchan.

The judge had blocked Trump from talking about a variety of people, including Merchan’s family. But the gag order did not apply to talking about Merchan himself.